After almost 2 years of working at JBoss (a division of Red Hat 😉 ) i have few thoughts I’d like to share.

First of all having nice job, especially such nice as JBoss, is very important. And very nice. It’s both money and doing what I like. I wish everyone such a position in life 🙂

There is tho a little but. Those are 2 years of a hard work. Combined with studies, now with working on my MSc, it’s something that really makes you exhausted. And not having 3 months of vacations like I used to doesn’t help :).

The thing is… suddenly (yesterday) something hit me. I’m not so excited about Computer Science like I used to. I mean… I have SJCP, i went for JBoss Advanced training. I use Java every day. I get exceptions but almost always I know why. I solve same problems every day (mostly making Labs work with newer version of JBoss Portal 😉 ). It’s not the same feeling I had when i was in secondary school. Those times I would write completely unneeded stuff just for fun. And it was fun fun.

So what did i do ? I decided to write plugin for Beagle to index messages of Kadu. Beagle is indexing system (something like Google Desktop, but deaply integrated with Linux environment), Kadu is the best Linux Gadu-Gadu client (polish IM system). Believe me how was i surprised when i found out that Beagle is written in Mono (.NET for Linux). OH YEAH ! Finally i found mountain to climb. C# i hardly know, founding out history structure for Kadu (guessing to add three zeros for “Received” and “Sent” time). I felt great. Again The Feeling I forgot. Plugin still doesn’t work, but who cares !

So the conclusion is… in my opinion there is no chance to be a good computer scientist if you don’t have this passion. You have to forget about the labor you do every day. Make yourself a little vacation. Just one day. Write something for fun. Discover some silly computer language out there. Do it for yourself :). This wont make you good engineer as is, but without it there’s no chance.

And finally to stop the boredom. What is marriage ? I have to pictures:

Just after married:

money money !

Month later:

mud !

What makes you computer scientist (and a good one…)

3 thoughts on “What makes you computer scientist (and a good one…)

  • March 24, 2007 at 9:51 am

    Hey! Finally something new on the blog! Congratulations!

    About passion – I absolutely do know nothing about computer science, but I guess it could be similar with theology – always fun to search for some odd ball treatise out there.

    About marriage – the same – me know nothing – but, you know, wait until offspring arrives… that will be funds-consuming 😀

  • April 8, 2007 at 11:05 am

    Yeah, It is always fun starting to write a new app for yourself… even if it never will work :). Just code.

  • April 20, 2007 at 6:18 am


    I want to put visits meter on my page (stat4u), but I don’t know where put the code. Can you help me?


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