I had a privilege to take part in the DevCrowd conference in Szczecin that was held on April 14, 2012.

The conference was great. It was free for the attendants (thanks to the sponsors, including SoftwareMill) aimed mostly at Java developers.

At the conference I gave talks – first one was about my side-project Asamal and how JEE6 can be easily used to build your own frameworks (you can find all the code and the slides on my github).

Second talk I gave with Adam Warski – Writing Highly Available Applications using Amazon Web Services (same that we gave on Confitura 2011 and few other places). Again – code and slides are available on github.

The conference was held on the Szczecin University campus – nice venue, modern etc. but I lacked a bit the time to mingle with people. The breaks were a bit short, and two of them I had to prepare as a presenter, so all in all I felt I could discuss with others a bit more (at least there was Jacek Laskowski to fill that a bit 😉 ).

I got chance to see three presentations – first one about marrying DLNA with Java – very interesting talk by Matt Rutkowski. Then I went to see Jacek Laskowski‘s take on Clojure. As usual – Jacek talks a lot so the presentations carry more entertainment then content, but I still enjoyed It and my view on Clojure has not changed. Luckily for Jacek Paweł Szulc could not make it for the conference, so the rest of Jacek’s Clojure presentation was held then 😉

I did enjoy also Koziołek‘s take on testing frameworks, but unfortunately had to prepare a bit for mine, so I saw only half of it. One comment though – you have said that TestNG is much better then JUnit. I agree, but at the same time it allows you writing worse unit tests 😉 I am going to blog about that soon, we can start a discussion.

After all the presentations I have finalized with Nowaker the competition that was held by SoftwareMill – the task was to create a Roshambo (Rock-Paper-Scissors) player, and the competition actually used those implementation to run a little contest. The lucky winner got his PS Vita smiling and we were ready to go for an after party.

Było grubo.

Spring 2012 presentation tourné part 1

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  • November 26, 2015 at 11:25 pm

    Hi, it doesn’t seem that you published your corluje.par yet in your above mentioned repo. Any info / news on that? Now that jdk1.7 is out, it would be great to start investigating this in earnest!Thanks!/Jon


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