January is about to finish, most of you have probably already abandoned the promises you have made couple weeks ago. Well, at least some of you, the rest is still fooling themselves.

Yep now you should feel motivated to prove me wrong 😉

But I have an idea that we should rather summarise what we have achieved in the passing year, instead of trying to foresee what are we gonna make or not the next one.

Here is my list, in my personal subjective order

1. Helena

Kid number 3, a girl. Expecting lots of joy this year around April when the baby is due. It might not be a very big deal that I made my wife pregnant, but it is something I am very excited about 🙂

Happy sleepless times are coming…

2. SoftwareMill 2.0

I feel the father of the transformation as it was initially my idea.

We have made our company flat. And so far, after initial post-revolution mess, which I guess happens everywhere when huge change is involved, It works pretty damn well.

You can read more about it on this post by Paweł or watch this Confitura 2013 presentation (in polish) I gave, but basically our rules of flattening are:

  • Finances are fully open to everyone
  • Decisions are made on the lowest level possible (developer -> project -> group -> whole company)
  • No-one is being told what and how to do.

Pretty simple. Empowers everyone in the company who wants to be empowered. And from time to time when I hear from my colleagues that the company is “theirs” or that there is no reason for them to be looking on the market for something else, my founder’s heart is covered in a nice warm balm 😉

3. AgileByExample 2013

Third edition of the conference. Bigger, better, hopefully more interesting.

This year except for “our” guys (Ola and Gośka) I have organised it with Piotr Burdyło from Touk and even if we had our ups and downs, I think the cooperation went well, and I am looking forward to have Piotr on the team in the next editions.

It’s sad, though, Ola who was our main, let’s call it “practical organiser” had to leave SoftwareMill. Nevertheless thank you Ola, and good luck with Estimote!

4. Became more fit

My selfish goal I made around June (you can check above youtube video that there was a good reason for it) to loose weight and get more fit. 14 kilos and many hours on the gym later I am quite happy with the result, both how ultimately handsome I am now (ha!ha!ha!) and how more fit I feel, not dying when I have to run for more then 10 meters.

Definitely was worth the fight with myself and all in all it was a very fruitful year.

Now let’s get back to work.

Make summaries not promises

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