This year I had a privilige to take part in another edition of the Confitura conference.

Since managing SoftwareMill takes more and more time and I have few new things going on (such as AgileByExample) I could take part in it only in 3 roles – as a listener, a partner giving out a playstation and a speaker. Sadly cannot name myself an organizer this year 😉

But to the point. I truly believe this edition was a significant milestone – the level of prelections was significantly better then previous years, the venue was much more prestigious (not necceserily better though, but will write about it later) and sponsors had much more cool stuff to both show and give away.



First one I saw was Grzegorz Duda’s talk on how to more efficiently manage your time. It was easy to listen, and like every soft-skills subject without many juicy examples. Few things will for sure stay in my head, but it was not a life changer 😉

I tried attending end of the the Krzysztof Daniel’s talk on QA in Startups, but the heat in the Powidło room was unbearable, so I left quickly :(. This was the room I attended most of the presentations (including mine) and is the worst thing that happened on the conference.

Another presentation was Waldek Kot’s presentation on invokedynamic. Not that I was interested at all in this subject, but just wanted to see Waldi alive. And I am really happy I went for it – it was the best presentation I saw during the conference – turned out invokedynamic is not only a bytecode directive but also a mechanism that gives you super-fast reflection, which I use a lot, so this is a subject I will deffinitely dig in.

And then was my presentation on Asamal – in my opinion a total disaster. I have prepared a presentations with lots of code showing and running, but the curtains did not work, so people could not see the screen. I wore a long-sleeve shirt but the room temperature was surely above 30 degrees (no A/C), so honestly I could not really focus on what I was supposed to say. And I did not say a lot of things I was supposed to… time wasted both for me and the listeners, but well, you can’t have all those presentations perfect 😉

After that there was a really awesome lunch (and the conference was free!) even with a desert! Very nice, I had time to ease myself after the above 😉

After lunch I saw Tomek Kaczanowski’s presentation on Ugly Tests which was quite good – I was really happy he did it in Warsaw as I had to miss it during Geecon. Tomek is a very knowledgable man, but I have one comment for him – even if you are 100% you are right, be a little modest when talking to people. Playing the role of an oracle (he he) will always turn on in the audience this defence mode 😉 Anyhow he convinced me to buy his book and It is on my todo list to read it.

And then there was the last one. Wojciech Seliga’s talk on beeing an Awesome Developer. There was a lot said already – I think the best summary you will find on Koziolek blog, but I will just add one thing – I think Wojtek has shoot his foot with that talk, as a lot of really good developers will not even consider working for his company having bad memory about his attitude. Good for me – more left for SoftwareMill (we are hiring btw 😉 )


The venue was in a much better place, but I think old Centrum Konferencyjne on Bobrowiecka was better – it was not that hot inside and there was much more space for the spsonsors and the people.

But if next year Uniwersytet Warszawski installs A/C I won’t be able to tell which is better, so lets wait 😉


The famous after-party you attend conferences for 😉 place was a bit far, but was very nice and spacious. Played some bowling, ate pizza, had few beers and most importantly mingled a lot. One of the best SPOINAs so far.


Had really really great time, but the mix of weather and old technology has ruined my presentation (oh poor me!) 😉

Surely the best Confitura so far!

Thank you Confitura Organisers!!!

Confitura Next Generation

3 thoughts on “Confitura Next Generation

  • July 10, 2012 at 8:43 am

    Don’t exaggerate with that crappy level of your presentation, it wasn’t so bad. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I wish my first was such a “disaster”

    • July 10, 2012 at 9:17 am

      Heh, thanks, but the thing is it was not my first 😉

  • July 18, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    I’m really sorry for hot room and brokend blinds.
    These are the situations we learn lot from. There always must be some problems. Remember multimedia projector from ABE 2011? It had very bad contrast and I’m sure this year you’ll check it before. Same situation with thight corridors and lack of air conditioning.
    Since we have so many attendees there are only a few places in Warsaw that we can fit in.


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