A while i got an interesting present from my fellows at Softwaremill – a brewkit, which is basically a set of tools and ingredients to brew your own beer at home.

The whole thing is not very complicated, but takes some waiting, which i guess is the worst part 😉

The brewkit consists of two big fermentation buckets, aerometer (something you can measure % of sugar in liquid), kitchen thermometer, a device to put caps on bottles, caps, a big can with concentrated malt and hop and a packet of yeast.

Now the whole thing starts with cleaning and desinfecting fermentation buckets, mixing malt and hop with water (i added 7.5 liter of boiled and cooled water – next time I will buy some proper mineral water – hopefully it will make a difference on the beer taste 😉 ) and yeast. Then the whole thing goes into the bucket and stays for few days, until the sugar level stops decreasing (it started with 10*Balling, now after 5 days it dropped to 4*Balling). When it happened I put everything into the second fermentation bucket, leaving all the fluffy stuff in the first one (yeast mostly i guess. Some fermentation product let’s call it 😉 ). Now more waiting, but hopefully within few weeks i will be enjoying my first own bottle of lager 😉

Lots of fun, will keep you posted 😉

Brewing My Brew 😉

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